Transitional Kitchen Design and Why Have It

There are a variety of different designs that can be applied to your kitchen and different features and materials that you can have added. For something that is different from usual designs, you will want to consider a transitional kitchen design. Transitional kitchen designs involve a blend of the traditional and modern with a bright and relaxed theme with plenty of storage. When having this design applied to your kitchen, however, there are different elements that are involved which make it what it is.

What Transitional Kitchen Designs Involve

The overall look of a transitional kitchen design favours clean lines and simple cabinet door styles while mixing textures and finishes. One way this is done is by selecting a simple colour palette and a cohesive design that eliminates visual distractions like patterns and clutter.

Some of the more popular colour schemes to accomplish this is white, followed by neutral colours like greys and beiges. If this colour scheme does not appeal to you, you also have the option of wood tones. Looking for something a little brighter? Blues are the most common non-neutral in transitional kitchens that you can choose from.

Features That Make Transitional Kitchen Designs

What really ties the transitional kitchen look together however is the storage to create a space free of clutter. That said, you will want to choose the right type of cabinets. A popular choice for transitional kitchens is painted wood or woodgrain cabinetry, featuring recessed-panel doors with clean lines, similar to Shaker cabinets.

As for other features like the countertops, like the rest of the design features, it needs to be simple, neutral countertop colours and materials. These include quartz, marble, granite, and wood. Otherwise, a thick countertop profile and waterfall countertops on an island can also work. Aside from the visual features, there are also other factors that make up a transitional kitchen design.

Lighting and Flooring

While knowing the general look and features of a transitional kitchen is good, knowing other features like lighting and other fixtures can really bring out the design. With lighting, the most notable type is pendant lighting. There is a variety of styles with this lighting and can help with the overall blend of traditional and modern. Then you have the flooring which is commonly plank-style, specifically, wood and wood-look flooring types that have dark or light rich hues to bring extra warmth.

Finishes and Other Features

For transitional kitchen designs, usually black and brass finishes are applied with dark-themed elements to bring it out while keeping a low profile overall. Aside from this, there is the option of geometric tiles which mimics the overall crisp lines of transitional style. Plus if you have applied dark grout lines in small amounts, it can emphasize them.

Outside of finishes and additional features to bring out the transitional kitchen design, you will want to have cup pulls, small knobs and streamlined handles over more intricate hardware and eased countertop edges.

Consider Rockingham Kitchen Renovations For Your Transitional Kitchen Design

With the different features and ways that you can have a transitional design kitchen design applied, you will want to have a professional service team to assist in confirming a fitting transitional design. If you are looking for a service that can provide reliable professionals you can consult and a range of options to help figure out what you would like, Rockingham Kitchen Renovations is a team to consider.

Rockingham Kitchen Renovations aims to deliver a balance of style and function while meeting your kitchen needs and if needed, can provide different surface options for you. If their service is not enough, you can check on what would work best in applying a transitional kitchen design.


Transitional kitchen designs are a type of kitchen design that balances both the traditional and the modern. With different themes and features like a neutral colour scheme and wood cabinets to cover the large storage that makes transitional kitchen designs, there is plenty of options that you can go for. To help confirm a final look to cover all design points, you will want to consider a service like Rockingham Kitchen Renovations for quality results. Simply put, transitional kitchen designs are something you will want to have for how versatile it is.

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